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May 20, 2021by Megan Johnston0

Thinking of finding an alternative way to ingest your cannabis?
Edibles are a great method to consume cannabis if you’re not fond of smoking, or are looking to change things up a bit.  Our selection of concentrates is always expanding and we have some nifty things in stock! We also have disposable vape pens, vape concentrate cartridges, hash, kief, and shatter.  Vape cartridges fit any 510 batteries, which also can be purchased in store.
It is always good to keep in mind that infused edibles take longer to kick in than smoking would. It can take between 30min-2hrs before you begin to feel the effects. Start off with a small amount and give yourself time to see how your body reacts before considering more. It is important to note this as you don’t want to take too much and end up feeling uncomfortable.

For more product information check out our online menu or swing by the shop in person.

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